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Corporate Action

The Panamerican Group believes in the application and spread of the highest ethical standards in business, in cultural investing, and in a social commitment through impact investments.

Applying these values, we aim to lay the foundations for a better society, thus improving its productivity, fostering tolerance and peaceful coexistence among people, contributing to the increase and production of higher levels of knowledge.

For many years, the Group’s companies have supported, acquired, and disseminated the work of renowned artists and young talents with enormous potential, among others:

  • Rina Mamani
  • Roxana Hartmann
  • Sebastián Ormachea
  • Erika Ewel
  • Jóvenes Fotógrafos de Icónica
  • Jaime Cisneros
  • Bolivia Contemporánea
  • Tony Suárez
  • Gustavo Orihuela
  • Rosmery Mamani
  • Giancarla Muñoz